One of our sold listings is going to be famous!

One of our sold listings is going to be famous! Earlier this year we listed the home of Leita Cobb located at 149 S. Georgia Avenue in Winterville, Georgia.  A Victorian farmhouse in the center of town, the home was built circa 1866 by John Winter and his brother, Christopher Winter,  both of whom had […]

Real Estate 101

Schools back is back in full swing in the Athens area! For most people school bus yellow is our new favorite color, downtown is now impossible to navigate (or park), and homework is back on our daily agenda. Athens and the surrounding area provide a multitude of fantastic educational opportunities for its residents.  From an award-winning […]

Will Rock for Food

Almost every Realtor has their pet project, their passion, their community service, their outlet for volunteering and giving back to the community.  While some agents incorporate their philanthropy into their business model & their marketing, most support their community without calling attention to it. At Trifecta Real Estate Advisors,  has long been a supporter of women’s education, […]

Can You Stop Paying your Private Mortgage Insurance? Maybe!

  First things first, what is PMI anyway?   PMI  or Private Mortgage Insurance is a type of mortgage insurance designed specifically to protect the lender in case of default.  It is paid as an upfront cost, a monthly premium, or a combination of the two, and your lender will tell you all of the […]

Don’t Believe Everything You See on the Internet

A wise person once told me “Trulia and Zillow are like your drunk Uncle.  They mean well, and some of what they say is true, but mostly what they tell you is inaccurate.  You have to double check everything they say”. Funny, right? Except, it isn’t.  We get calls and emails daily from prospective sellers wanting to list […]

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