Homeowner Services


The backbone of a successful property management business is strengthened by the quality of the properties managed. Athens’ Best Properties entered the the property management business with a quality–versus–quantity approach to the business. While we could have a larger number of properties in our market area, we instead chose to create a company culture of superior customer service for our homeowner clients.

Homeowners who hold properties as rental investments or rent them out because a sale isn’t financially viable have concerns that can only be met by a property management firm that understands their needs and commits to a high level of performance in delivering some very detailed services


  • Marketing the rental property.
    • Tenant selection services:
    • legal and comprehensive tenant application.
    • tenant interviews that comply with all state and federal laws.
    • thorough background and credit checks, plus calling references.
  • Move–in and move–out services:
    • walk–through and tenant checklists of property condition.
    • rehab of the property between tenants
  • Property condition & maintenance services
    • Periodic inspections and check ins with tenants
    • Email reminders to tenants about routine care
  • Maintenance teams on call
  • Rent collection & disbursement:
    • timely collection of rents.
    • proper application of late rent procedures & penalties.
    • eviction processing if necessary

This approach to providing a comprehensive package of homeowner services has allowed Athens’ Best Properties to grow and prosper. You see, when we attract the very best properties by catering to our homeowner clients, they recommend us to others, and our inventory grows as well. The best rental properties attract the best tenants. By serving these tenants well, they also recommend us, and more quality tenants are lined up waiting for our rental homes.


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