Athens’ Best Properties excels in the property management niche simply because we do it right. And, doing it right isn’t a simple thing, as there are a great many details and important tasks involved in managing rental properties. Many companies in this business look on the many tasks and responsibilities involved as a “job” they must do for their business income. Athens’ Best Properties sees these many responsibilities very differently.


After all, without these many details we would be of lesser value to our clients and customers. Our commitment is to cover all the bases, and there is certainly a lot more involved in superior property management. We excel when it comes to negotiating legal requirements, landlord–tenant regulations, property maintenance and fiduciary responsibilities. It’s how we bring value to our owners and tenants, and it’s why our clients and customers recommend us.

Tenant Services



Happy tenants make our day! Rental homes don’t stay occupied if we don’t do a great job for our tenant customers. They’re every bit as important as the property owners, and we prove it.

  • Proper care and maintenance of the property.
  • Sensible, non–intrusive occupancy rules for enjoyment and security.
  • Easy rental payment procedures

Your home shouldn’t be any less of a home just because you’re renting. Athens’ Best Properties wants you to be happy in your home, and we’ll prove it!

By making both our owners and tenants happy, Athens’ Best Properties has become a leading property management company in the area.



Community Management Services


Is your current management company out of the area and unresponsive? Are you tired of talking to a different person every time you call?   Or are you self- managing your HOA in addition to your full time job and other responsibilities? Are your community standards being enforced the way they should be?

Athens’ Best Properties is excited to offer Community Management Services. Every neighborhood has a unique set of needs and Athens’ Best Properties understands how important it is to have a CAM that is available to its owners and residents. Athens’ Best Properties has been managing properties in the Athens area for 20 years and we believe it has been successful because of the level of personal service, integrity and commitment I bring to every client.  Our plan is to carry those qualities into this branch of our business and we strongly believe that is what’s missing in most management companies.


Homeowner Services

Homeowners who hold properties a rental investments or rent them out because a sale isn’t financially viable have concerns that can only be met by a property management firm that understands their needs and commits to a high level of performance in delivering the detailed services you expect.  Check out our complete description of homeowner services, and see why we are highly recommended by our property owners.

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